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Once Upon a Time, 


There was a really adventurous girl. She loved to change her hair and experiment with different looks so she could never have one hairstyle for too long but she also wanted the protection that protective styles offered her edges. This was the bane of her existence until she discovered...wigs. 

She began to make her own wigs and it turned out that lots of other people had the same challenges as her and were looking for a solution too! And so, in an attempt to help the world one person at a time, GloByMo was born. 


GloByMo is primarily a wiggery whose mission statement really is just to help everyone channel their inner glow to the surface. 

We believe everyone should have a chance to escape their regular lives once in a while as escapism does tend to keep one sane, so we hand craft wigs to do just that, give people a chance to rebrand, to be someone new! 


All GBM units are custom made by hand with love. Time and care is taken to ensure the wigs come bleached, tinted and plucked to match your skin tone and hairline perfectly. The whole idea is to have a wig that has been customized and personalized just for you.