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Help & Support

"I can't decide between a closure and a frontal."

Closures are very low maintenance, they come with a defined parting/limited parting space and require little to no manipulation/customization. This means that they last a lot longer than frontal wigs and are great for everyday wear.

Frontals are very high maintenance lace pieces. The celebrities you see in lace frontal wigs have mobile hair stylists to touch up their units on the go, as and when needed, to make sure it always looks flawless. They are not beginner friendly as they require everyday styling. They also require a lot of customization and manipulation to look natural e.g. they have to be chemically bleached, which weakens the hairs, and tweezed. This means that they do not last very long and some amount of shedding on the frontal with time is to be expected as part of normal wear and tear-this does not mean the frontal is low quality, it's just part of the ageing of the hair piece.


All our units can be worn with/or without glue. If you're choosing to wear your frontal unit without glue it will require more styling and will not look as natural because your sideburns will not be covered without some manipulation by you. 

Frontals are NOT recommended of everyday wear but are better as special occasion units because of their nature. If you're rotating between multiple units we recommend replacing your frontal once/ twice a year, but with frequent wear frontals will need to be replaced more often than that due to wear and tear. 

We offer a frontal replacement service for a fee under our Extra Services tab.

The longevity of your unit, whether closure or frontal depends on factors such as how well you look after it, how often you wear it, and the products you use on it.  


How should I take care of my GBM Wig?

We recommend co-washing your wig once a week and shampooing every two weeks if the wig is worn often. And co-washing every other week if the wig isn't worn very often.

Do not expose the hair to extreme heat or chemicals as this can alter/damage the texture of the hair.

Each wig comes with a haircare card with further instructions on how to care for your wig for optimum longevity.


How do i know that my wig is secure?

All GBM wigs come with an elastic band to ensure security and confidence when wearing.


What is the quality of the hair used for GBM wigs?

Our GBM wigs are made with 099% virgin human hair and can be straightened, dyed and curled to achieve your preferred look.

Can i send you my own hair to make into a wig?

Yes, you can but seeing as we cannot be certain about the quality of the hair provided we don't offer colouring services for hair not provided by us.

Please send us an email for a price quote if you'd like to have a wig made with your own hair.

Do you do weave/wig installs?

You can book an appointment for an install via email or Instagram. The price quote you'll be given includes the customization of your closure/frontal/full lace wig. Your appointment is only confirmed once we receive your non-refundable deposit. Please give us 13 hours notice if you're making a cancellation. You do not get your deposit back if you cancel your appointment.

The link for deposits can be found under the "Extra Services" tab.

How do i know what lace colour to choose?

We recommend that lighter skinned clients choose light brown (think Keri Hilson), medium skin toned clients choose medium brown (think Gabrielle Union) and darker clients choose dark brown (think Lupita Nyong'o)


How are GBM wigs different?

All GBM wigs are custom made by hand with love. Time and care is taken to ensure the wigs come bleached, tinted and plucked to match your skin tone and hairline perfectly. This also means all you have to do when you get your wig is put it on!

Each wig comes with a haircare card and a personalized message to make every client feel valued and special.


Does GBM have a return policy or exchange policy?

Due to the nature of our products we do not provide full refunds or accept returns. Cancellations can only be made within 13 hours of placing the order. 
However, if you are unsatisfied with you order you have 30 days to send us an email with pictures attached explaining you complaint, only then will you be considered for a partial refund and/or a replacement/reconstruction. After the 29 days we will not consider ANY refunds. 
If your complaint is for one of the following reasons you may send us a complaint: shipped wrong item or a quality issue. 
Artificial reasons for refunds will not be considered.


How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Due to the nature of our products we don't accept exchanges and partial refunds are assessed on a case by case basis.

What is the average turnover time for a wig?

Online payment processing can take up to 6 business days, after which construction can take up to 09  business days.

Express orders in certain countries can be made at an extra charge via Instagram DM.

How long does shipping usually take?

Shipping can take from 1-4 working days depending on the shipping destination.

All domestic Canadian and UK orders are shipped by Canada Post and Royal Mail respectively and all international orders are shipped by DHL.

Shipping fees are not inclusive of any import duties. You'll receive an email with your tracking number once your order has been shipped.

What happens if i cancel my appointment or i'm running late?

You may cancel or reschedule your appointment but there is a $14 fee that is charged at the time of booking which you lose if you cancel. There is also a late fee of $1o that's charged per hour after your scheduled appointment. Please call to inform us if you're going to be late.


How canI contact you?

Please visit our Contact Us page for the best way to get in touch with us.