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Clip&Glo Instant Ponytails - A GBM orinignal creation.
Clip on ponytails are always a super fun and quick way to switch up your look but until our invention, options were limited to synthetic hair, well not anymore!
Our collection of human hair clip on, drawstring ponytails currently includes curly hair, straight hair, kinky straight and afro kinky curly (can be brushed out into an afro puff in shorter lengths) textures. Our ponytails are handmade with human hair bundles and come with clips and a drawstring for extra security.

Please note that the kinky straight Clip&Glo Ponytail requires an extra week of processing.

Models are wearing 16" Afro Puff and 26" Curly Ponytail.

Models are wearing GBM Liquid Glow Body Illuminator

Clip & Glo Instant Ponytails

Option 1
Option 2